non-restraint positioning solution


LimbAlign® Cushions Provide Comfort and Support for Resting Limbs

  • non-absorbent cushion and strap
  • attaches to furnishing, not to patient
  • patented strap slot provides easy adjustability along strap
Limb Align Quick Overview

Effective, non-restraint, positioning solution for:

  • arm, leg or foot injury
  • post knee or hip surgery
  • affected limb from a stroke
  • a cast, splint, prosthetic or brace
  • legs that rotate in or out while at rest

LimbAlign® provides a simple, easy to use, non-restraint positioning solution that improves patient satisfaction and increases caregiver efficiency.

With more than 25 years experience working as an orthopedic nurse in a large metropolitan hospital, the co-inventor saw first hand the need for a non-restraint positioning solution. Developed with her husband, LimbAlign® offers a great solution for the needs of both caregivers and patients.

  • Comfortable - LimbAlign® Cushions attach to furnishings not to patients - promoting comfort, independence, and overall well being.

  • Simple - To limit internal and external rotatioin or abduction and adduction, simply rest the limb beside a LimbAlign® Cushion.

  • Reassuring Support - LimbAlign® Cushions help patients relax and rest comfortably at a healthcare facility or recovering at home.

  • Positioner that stays positionedTM - Unlike pillows and rolled towels, LimbAlign® Cushions stay positioned so patients need less help remaining comfortable.

  • Ecofriendly - By replacing rolled towels wastefully used as positioners,  LimbAlign® cushions reduce laundry costs.

  • Efficient - Better positioning can result in less pain medication and more effective physical therapy - comfortable positioning with  LimbAlign® cushions can  improve patient outcomes.  


LimbAlign Explanation Chart